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Fabulous Yorkshire Terriers
Each Yorkshire Terrier puppy comes with:
  1 Year Health Contract   Vet Examination  Health Certificate 
Copy of Puppy Pictures and Videos   Small Puppy Blanket   Handmade Puppy Bed   
AKC Registration (unless otherwise specified)

D.O.B. 01/12/2024
8 Weeks: 03/08/2024
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(Updated April 5, 2024)
This little one is named Missy.  She is the smallest of two girls born to Pumpkin and Ant, and the only Yorkshire Terrier puppy we currently have!

Missy is black and tan in color.  She has a soft coat and we love being able to give her pets and scratches because of. Missy is also a lap sitter----she would rather sit in our lap than play around with toys or wander.  That trait has only gotten stronger as she's gotten older.  You can see in her latest video how much she prefers being in a lap or as close to us as she can get. No doubt she will end up glued to whoever ends up being her person in her forever home!  
Missy is also a professional when it comes to the puppy 'sploot.'  Any chance she gets she's flopping on the floor with her back legs stretched behind her.  She does a great impression of a frog!

Pumpkin is her mom.  She is black and tan in color and is just under 8 pounds.    She is a wonderful mother to her puppies and is doing a great job raising them.
Ant is her dad and is petite at only 4.3 pounds.   His real name is Marc Antony because his grandmother was named Cleopatra.  Ant is black and tan.  His fur is silky, smooth, and long.  He's a tiny guy, aptly named Ant! 

Missy turned 8 weeks old March 8th.  She is officially old enough to leave for a new home anytime! 
Missy will go to her new home with a 1-year health contract, AKC registration, vet examination with health certificate, current vaccinations and deworming, small bag of puppy food, handmade puppy bed and blanket, and lifetime support.

Get in contact with us for more information or to place a deposit on Missy!