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Our Domestic and International shipping (puppy flying alone) is postponed at this time.  United PetSafe has temporarily suspended their PetSafe program.   There is the option of a puppy nanny or flying to us to pick up a puppy personally.





We accept deposits to reserve a puppy of your choosing.   If you express interest in a particular puppy, we strongly recommend placing a deposit to hold the puppy.    We do not allow any "holds" longer than 12-24 hours without a deposit placed on a puppy.


 Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.


 If the purchase price of a puppy, not including shipping, is over $1000, the minimum amount to hold a puppy is $400, unless otherwise discussed.  If the purchase price, not including shipping, is less than $1000, the minimum deposit is $250, unless otherwise discussed.   The deposit amount counts toward the total purchase price of the puppy.


 If you choose to make the first payment in a higher amount than the deposit, only the required deposit amount of that payment will be considered the deposit and non-refundable.  


Deposits are NON-TRANSFERABLE, unless otherwise discussed.  


If a deposit is place or a payment made for a particular puppy, that puppy will remain posted on our website as "PENDING" until it leaves for a new home.  






Any payments made will be discussed beforehand


We accept different forms of payment.  Paypal, postal money order, and cash are the preferred methods.  We do allow a combination of these forms of payment.  


Personal checks: We do accept personal checks; however, only if the puppy will not be leaving for a new home for 2 weeks.  This is to allow the check ample time to clear our bank. 


Paypal: We send you an invoice through Paypal for a particular amount.  You DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay this invoice.  You can pay with a debit card or credit card by following the instructions in your email.  An email address is required.


Postal Money Order: We have a PO BOX specifically for checks and postal money orders to be mailed. 


Cash: Preferred method of payment for puppies that are picked up or personally delivered. Please do not send cash through the mail.  


Payment Plans:


We understand that sometimes the price of your dream puppy is a bit out of immediate reach. Starting payments as early as possible will allow more time to make payments that are comfortable for particular budget.  Placing a deposit on the puppy of your choice, then making payments that fit your budget restrictions, is an option we are willing to provide. 




We also allow payment plans to be set up for any puppy we have.  The amounts and frequency of payments can be discussed and agreed upon prior to first payment.  It will be determined beforehand the amount, frequency, and time allotted to pay for a puppy depending on age.    Ideally, the puppy should be paid in full by 8-12 weeks of age, but no longer than when the puppy reaches 16 weeks of age.  Should this happen, then additional charges will be incurred for boarding and continued care and feeding of your puppy. 


Failure to provide payment in full within the allotted and agreed upon time frame will automatically forfeit your ability to receive reimbursement.  If at ANY TIME, you are unable to fulfill the agreement, PLEASE speak with us to make necessary adjustments to the payment plan.  

Because we are offering a personal payment plan, we are very flexible and incredibly willing to work with you and your situation. 




A puppy will not leave our premises prior to reaching 8 weeks of age.







We offer different ways for you to receive your puppy. 


Shipping: This method is for those who don't live within driving distance.  We offer shipping to the nearest major airport to your location.  The shipping is paid for in full by the buyer and we assume no costs associated with this method.  You can find out more about this method on our Information page.  We arrange shipping and provide the buyer with all information regarding flying and the process.    We do not offer commercial ground shipping.


Delivery:  We also offer to meet a buyer at an agreed upon location.  Not only will this help to ease the driving distance, but also helps the pocket book a bit with fuel cost.  We usually do not offer to meet at a location that's further than a hour's drive of our location.  This method may be/is only used if the buyer is not within a 2.5 hour drive of our location, is out of state, or otherwise may be unable to drive.  This will be discussed prior to purchase of a puppy.  You will receive paperwork and anything that is included when you purchase a puppy from us.  We will have a copy of the health contract for you to sign and keep.  There are no additional costs associated with this method.


Pick-up:  This is our recommended method to get your puppy.  It allows for both you and the puppy to meet and become more accustomed to each other in a safe setting that the puppy is more comfortable with.  We do also encourage you to bring along any pets (dogs) you currently have so they can meet.  The location of pick-up is discussed prior to buying or meeting a puppy.   There are no additional costs associated with this method.



If you are interested in a puppy (or more than one!) we do allow a home visit to meet the puppies.  This is to be arranged beforehand.  We will need to know which puppies you'd like to see and any adults (parents of puppies) prior to the meeting.

If we have a home visit scheduled, we cannot guarantee to hold a puppy prior to your arrival without a deposit being paid.


We do allow a third party to act on behalf of the buyer when picking up a puppy, as long as this is arranged prior to pick up, shipping, or delivery.


Sometimes, we are not as able to easily accommodate a preferred meeting time as others, so we appreciate your flexibility and patience in setting up a time and day.  

We do not have any set hours, as our little fur babies require round the clock care.  We strive do our best to be available when your schedule allows.  

We are located in Central Nebraska






Custom Health Contract Terms


Every puppy purchased who leaves our premises will come with a 1 year health contract. It will detail the date the puppy is sold, price of the puppy, shipping cost (if any), method of payment, name and address of buyer, and name and address of seller (Puppy's Play Pen).  It is to be signed and dated at time of delivery by both parties when the puppy is picked up or delivered in person.  If the puppy is to fly to a new owner, the health contract flies with the puppy and will be signed by the Seller (Puppy's Play Pen).  


This contract will be signed by Puppy's Play pen, scanned, and emailed to the buyer prior to delivery/pick up/ shipping.  We will provide another copy if the puppy is picked up or delivered in person.


Below, you will find the detailed contract terms for every puppy who leaves our premises:


"This puppy is being sold as a pet and a family companion and should be spayed/neutered prior to 10 months of age, unless otherwise discussed.  All puppies or dogs sold by that will be used for breeding(s) and show competition purposes, whether by an individual, hobby breeder, or by a professional, is the buyer's sole judgment and choice.  We do not raise puppies to be sold as breeders, but when a breeder does buy puppies from us with the intention to have litters to sell, it is the buyer's responsibility to determine the suitability of such puppies.  Overbites, joint problems, testicle problems, slipping jaw, infertility, or any cosmetic defects that do not result in organic disease, or which might show up as an adult, are not covered by this guarantee.  Those possible defects should not be passed on to the offspring.

To the best of the breeder's knowledge, this puppy/dog is free of disease and defects at the date of this sale.  Any estimated grown weight is only a best guess and not guaranteed.


A health certificate will be obtained for the puppy/dog traveling out of state by air or vehicle.  The buyer has 48 hours (72 hours if delivered on a Friday or weekend) from the time of delivery to have the puppy/dog checked by the veterinarian of the buyer's choice at the buyer's expense.  Failure to have the puppy vet checked within this time frame will void this guarantee.  This requirement is in the best interest of the puppy as only the vet can determine issues the puppy/dog may have at the time of sale.  If the buyer's exam reveals that the puppy/dog is sick or diseased, or a genetic defect is found that would result in a reduced quality of life, and a vet of the breeder's choice concurs with the diagnosis, then the buyer may return the puppy/dog to the breeder at the buyer's expense.  Notice of intent to return must be given to the breeder within 48 hours of the vet's findings, along with a statement in writing from the buyer's vet as to the health problem.  Any genetic defect, which falls under the reduced quality of life category that presents itself within one year, will also be covered under this guarantee.


This puppy/dog is sold with no additional warranties, expressed or implied, other than those stated herein. A replacement puppy/dog will be made when one becomes available, and a replacement is the only option.  No veterinary bills will be paid by the breeder.  It is the seller's responsibility to sell a healthy puppy that will hopefully live a long, happy life.  It is the buyer's responsibility to see that it stays healthy and safe.

If the purchaser chooses to resell this dog, this guarantee will be considered null and void and is non-transferable.  If any legal actions are brought against the breeder/seller, the litigation must be in the jurisdiction of Buffalo County in the State of Nebraska. 

The new owner accepts the conditions of this contract when the puppy is picked up at the airport or delivered in person. 

The buyer does not have the privilege to change the terms of the contract.




We are required to include Law 54-647 into the health guarantee contract.

Pursuant to Nebraska Dog and Cat Purchase Protection ACT:

54-647. Recourse to remedies; purchaser; duties; notice to seller; remedies

Laws 2009, LB 241, § 14, eff. Jan. 1, 2010."




You can find a copy of the full text of the Nebraska Dog and Cat Purchase Protection Act here:

















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