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Our Domestic and International shipping (puppy flying alone) is postponed at this time.  United PetSafe has temporarily suspended their PetSafe program.   If you do not live near us in Nebraska, there is the option of a puppy nanny, ground transport, or flying to us to pick up a puppy personally.

 Welcome to my website!

In these few pages that I have carved out of the worldwide web, I will share with you my wonderful, furry babies.  I have been raising Pomeranians for more than 20 years, and I simply never tire of it. In spite of the tremendous amount of work that they require, and yes, sometimes heartache, I still wake up each morning delighted to have these goofballs as my companions.

I have focused on the cobby body and huge coats that Pomeranians are known for. From that core, I have added exotic colors, so you will find champion bloodlines and all the colors of the rainbow in these little munchkins.

I also have an information page that I will continue

to update with
important issues about health and nutrition. So

feel free to use whatever you
find helpful (the pictures are copyrighted) and 

certainly let me know
what comments you would have.

I will keep my pups updated as they grow. As you can tell from all of their pictures, they wander through my home. Since the kids have grown and moved on, I populate my house with the four legged babies.  

In 1994, I purchased my 'dream house'.  It was a converted schoolhouse on 5 acres of land with a small river bordering the south end of the property.  It needed work, but I felt up to the task (Oh, the foolishness of youth!). And what is a house without a dog?? So I bought my first Pomeranian.

He was a gorgeous, solid red, six-week old pup with the attitude of a cheetah.  I had tucked him in my coat so the kids couldn't see him until I set him down on the kitchen floor.  He strutted like he owned the place, saw the kids, and barked at all three of them. That sent them into hysterics!! Imagine a tiny ball of fur, not even one pound, challenging three kids, ages 9, 10 and 11!!

Pipsqueak was family for 14 years, and the start of my passion (obsession, perhaps?) with this wonderful breed.  I decided to put my practical vet training to use raising these little fur balls.

I chose the parents on the basis of conformation, color, size, and attitude. I also spent years evaluating what I wanted to achieve with my babies.  Even when I went through a divorce and had to give up my dogs for a while, I knew I would one day raise them again.
So, here I am, back again since 2001 with these little guys.  I've added colors to the mix and, wow, now I have my own personal rainbow of Pomeranians running in my kitchen!

My daughter and I take care of these

wonderful little rascals everyday.  

They are the light of my life, and I have also

 added Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers

to the mix.  We've grown to love

these two breeds as much as we do Pomeranians.  

Well, almost as much...

Enjoy your trip through my website.  If you don't have a Pomeranian lighting up your life, perhaps now is the time to add one to your family. Or two. Or three.
Or ten...

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