Each Pomapoo Comes With:

        1  Year Health Contract      Vet Examination      Current Vaccinations and Deworming        Health Certificate

CD of all puppy pictures and videos             Small puppy blanket


DOB 07/19/19

Ready NOW!

Meet Corky. We couldn't find a more friendly, petite, or perfect puppy if we tried! As the smallest of his siblings, Corky weighs a whopping 13 OUNCES AT 8 WEEKS OF AGE! He fits in the palm of your hand.

His mom is doing a great job raising and teaching him how to be the best puppy he can! Corky really takes after mom's personality and energy level: always needs to be in a lap, non-stop love to give, and enjoys the company of people. His video really shows his disposition and charisma. And look at all that fur blowing in the wind!


You'll also notice hands in many pictures of Corky and his siblings. They love people so much, they're always wanting to be in our laps or right near our faces. We had to try to hold them back a few times to at least get some pictures to post online. They only way to do that was with our hands, of course. That didn't stop Corky or his siblings from trying sooo hard to be as close to us as possible. Corky and his siblings will be wonderful, close companions, possibly even excellent emotional support animals. You'll have to watch his videos on our website. It shows how determined they all are to be near people!

He's a cream boy in color with a chocolate nose.  That means he's chocolate dilute. That off-white color around his mouth and nose is just a bit of a milk mustache. It will go away as he gets older and starts eating more puppy food rather than mom's milk. Considering his mom, Darcy, is a solid chocolate Poodle, it's not hard to see where that comes from!  Pooh Bear, who is the dad, is a reddish-orange Pomeranian boy.  That makes Corky a 1st Gen Pomapoo puppy. ​


Corky turned 8 weeks old September 13th, which is when he can leave for his new home.  He will go with current vaccinations and deworming, 1 year health contract, health certificate and vet examination, small bag of puppy food, small puppy blanket, copy of pictures and videos, and life time support.